Towel Folder

DT-1300 - Up To 1300 Pieces Per Hour

Towel Folder
Up To 1300 Pieces Per Hour

Towel Folder - Capacity for up to 1300 towels per hour (depending on the dimensions of the towels and the operator).
Model DT-1300 from Mamute is capable of separating and folding all types of towels, sheets, clothes (T-shirts, uniforms, hospital clothes, etc.) and many other pieces that have a maximum width of 1200mm and a length of up to 2300mm.

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Mamute Tower Folder DT-1300 is capable of separating and folding all types of towels, sheets, clothes (T-shirts, uniforms, hospital clothes, etc.) and many other pieces that have a maximum width of 1200mm and a length of up to 2300mm.

The DT-1300 folder automatically classifies several parts, therefore, pre-classification is not necessary.
Individual pieces are classified based on the length and width of the piece.

After the pieces are folded, they are directed to the dedicated stacking station. As soon as the desired number of pieces of the pile is reached, the pile is placed on the final delivery conveyor. This belt can be located on the left or right side and deliver the batteries to the front or rear of the folder.
As the DT-1300 folder is capable of making up to 4 folds, including French, many different fold patterns are possible.

The parts are placed on the input conveyor belts. The conveyor belt can run continuously, it can start running after an adjustable time or it starts running after manual activation.

The DT-1300 folder is provided with a special feature for folding parts, such as fitted shapes. The part runs inside the machine and automatically stops to correct the end of the part. This feature facilitates, for example, the folding of large, pool towels, with the company logo facing up and centered right in the middle. This feature allows you to fold up elastic sheet.

This folder can also fold all types of light clothing, such as T-shirts, pants, nightgowns and hospital clothing, as well as airline blankets, etc. FOLD ALL: Bath towels, face towels, flooring, T-shirts, uniforms, elastic sheet, special pieces, etc.

The Mamute folder has a PLC-based control system and a color touchscreen.
Creating or changing a folding program is very simple, due to the operator-friendly layout and the simple menu configuration.
It allows you to store up to 50 different complete folding programs in memory, which can be selected based on the name of the program.
It is possible to backup the data via USB output.
Easy maintenance: System diagnostics for easy troubleshooting.

After the last fold, the pieces pass through a forklift table, with electronic sensors and pneumatic actuation, which stops the towel at the exact point and programmed to be stacked,
After finishing the folding process, the pieces are stacked on the exit belts, each type of fold programmed and the stacking station chosen. The standard folder is supplied with 3 stacking stations, however, optionally, it is also possible to be manufactured with 4 stations at the exit of the folded parts.

Primary folds are performed by a pulsed air flow. Before the part enters the primary fold, the length / width is measured and the part is recognized. The bend models are automatically adjusted and the part is bent. Due to the air spray nozzles, high quality folds are guaranteed. The long primary fold is capable of bending parts up to 2300 mm.

The Mamute DT-1300 folder is equipped with two crossed folds. Each cross-fold is made by reversing the belts in combination with an air pulse. As the parts are kept continuously between two sets of belts, the transverse folds are straight and precise. These tapes are also pressing on the piece, ensuring a folded and fitted piece. The rigid structure with durable materials
guarantees a stable and lasting bending quality.

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