Washer Extractor - Hard Mount

WH-40 - 40 Lb

Washer Extractor - Hard Mount
40 Lb

Model: WH-40
Hard Mount Washer Extractor, designed to wash clothes with high technology and low operational cost. Fixed, simple, compact and robust system, manufactured to last.

Fechamento externo e partes em contato com o banho em Aço INOX Cesto projetado para melhor qualidade de lavagem Pintura a pó (eletrostática), melhor acabamento e durabilidade das peças Painel de comando - CLP Ecosystem M3 Montado com Inversor de Frequência de alta tecnologia Equipamento Nacional, robusto e de fácil manutenção Garantia 12 meses TOTAL Opcional - Sistema de auto serviço com fichas ISO 9001:2015


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The Mamute hard mount washer extractor has a capacity of 40 pounds.
Designed to wash clothes with high technology and low operational cost. Fixed, simple, compact and robust system, manufactured to last.

Developed with environmental concern, aimed to saving water and inputs, with a great Sustainability Factor, which among other resources, has minimal clearance between the external body and the drum requiring little water to wash clothes, using less power, less consumption of chemicals, reducing the need for manpower, constructive shape of the drum which favors the mechanical action of the drum, etc.

Contains fully automated control panel, with M3 Ecosystem PLC, controlling the whole process, connected to a high tech Frequency Inverter which coordinates all movements of the drum, controlling the acceleration and deceleration ramps. It also controls the dosing of chemicals, water levels, heating, rotation, spinning speed, among other resources.

Its drum is stamped, manufactured with a polished and brushed stainless steel plate, with strategically sized shakers, achieving better washing of clothes, greater mechanical action, better spin and better internal occupation, with more internal volume, it fits more clothes.

Fixed and compact structure, with a low index of maintenance needs, it allows to attend several sizes of laundries. Designed within safety Standards such as Regulatory Norms NR12, it is a requirement of the ministry of Labor and Employment, which prevents accidents with users, preventing, among other things, that the washing machine works with the door open or that it opens during the process.

With the control of the whole process, including the dosing of chemicals (liquid or powder), allows to store in memory specific programs for each type of textile or dirt.

Wide door, which facilitates clothes loading and unloading operations. Made of stainless steel with a large glass display, rubber door seal and safety electric lock knob, soft and reliable locking.

All external closing of the washing machine is made of AISI-304 stainless steel, as well as the door and all internal structure in contact with the bath, ensuring longer life, better finishing and modern look inside the laundry room.

Simple operation totally programmable with full control of all process steps, simply by choosing the program number and pressing only one key that the washer does all the work automatically.

Uses state-of-the-art Frequency Inverter, which controls the engine acceleration and deceleration ramps, it works with little water, reducing the need for high engine power. All this, combined with its great mechanical action, reduces the washing time, further reducing electric consumption per kg of laundry, increasing the productivity of the washer.

Controls all process steps automatically, monitoring the water intakes, drain, heating, levels, dosing of chemicals, etc. Up to 8 full programs can be stored in memory.

High quality finishing, designed to take good care of clothes.

3 compartments for products and automatic dosing.

Simplify loading and unloading of clothes

Capacity - Load Capacity 1:10 = 40 Lb (18 kg)
Cylinder Diameter = Ø 26.3/8" (670 mm)
Cylinder Depth = 20.1/2" (520 mm)
Cylinder Volume = 6.5 cu ft (185 Liters)
Single Motor = 3 hp (2.25 kw)
Wash Speed range = 30 - 50 rpm
Extract Speed range = 50 - 570 rpm
External Dimensions (W x H x D) = 31.1/4" x 47.7/8" x 38.1/2" (795 x 1215 x 980 mm)

Standard electrical specifications: 208, 240, 480 volts, 3 phase, 60 cycle.
For any characteristics other than the above, consult Mamute USA LLC.

Water Pressure: 30 – 60 psi (2 – 4 Kgf/cm2)

Optional Items
Second Water inlet valve - 3/4" Electric

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